Our Shop

Home Ec brings you fresh, modern pieces mixed with retro-inspired designs to help you create a living space that is totally you. Our store is filled with special items that help make the home a little brighter, a little cozier, and a little funnier.

We are a popular destination for thoughtful gift shopping and offer free gift wrapping! Yay! And don't forget... We offer Wedding Registry!

Our Philosophy

When your environment feels good, so do you. So... make your home happy!

At Home Ec, we are all about the home. Home is where the heart is. It's where you relax, recharge, chase your kids, get your snuggles, read your favorite novel, listen to those old vinyls, entertain your nearest and dearest while toasting spirits and sharing laughs. It's where you wake up everyday and get it together to take on the day.

We believe the home is not just a pit stop, but a sacred destination where you grow, thrive, and can just be... be yourself. 

When we're decorating, we like to mix it up and incorporate those cheerful touches that make the day a little sunnier... and that's what we like to carry at Home Ec.